Peer coding for developers. Code and learn from the best.

Code with a friend or find a mentor.

StreamIntra allows users to code together with a room code or find a random person to work with if no one else is available. You can sort from different tech stacks and skill levels as you desire.

Better as a team

Why use the brainpower of one when you can have two heads? Invite your friends to come review your code or have a built in audience look at your code.

Find a mentor

Maybe you don't have anyone to invite to code with you. That's okay because StreamIntra allows you to find a partner to work with. Just get better at your craft.

Just want to watch?

Maybe your still learning or your not comfortable talking to someone else. You can just browse people are coding and channels are live to viewing. You can interact with them and share your thoughts or even copy a bit of code from them. Learn and develop like a pro.



Browse the live channels to find someone or a tech stack your interested in watching.


Click the channel and watch and comment your thoughts. Knowledge is better when shared.


See a bit of code you could use? Copy it with the built in ide or share some of your own.

A community of knowledge and growth

StreamIntra allows developers to grow and create a community together to learn. Interested in sharing your vast knowledge or learning from others? Subscribe now for the beta launch and more details. Information about collaboration on the project will also be available.